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The Legend of Zelda Monopoly: It’s Dangerous to Pass GO Alone

 |  |  |  |  |  August 6, 2014

Nintendo has a monopoly in the Legend of Zelda franchise. Literally. The Legend of Zelda version of Monopoly was actually announced a few months ago, but now we have some images. Read on to see what the finished version of the game will look like.

zelda monopoly
Hardcore Zelda fans will soon have a very special game night. The images shown here are from the GameStop exclusive version, but you will be able to get it elsewhere too. The Gamestop version does have a few bonuses, like an Ocarina game token, six Power Cards, and a poster map. No matter where you buy it you, will have Hylian Shield, Triforce, Boomerang, Hookshot or Bow figures to move around the board with – so much cooler than an old car or a shoe.

zelda monopoly1
This game will be in stores on September 15th. Probably sold out by the 16th.

zelda monopoly2
[via Kotaku via Nerd Approved]