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Tricera Hi-Tops for Jurassic Parkour

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Written by Conner Flynn | August 15, 2014

These Tricera Hi-Tops from Archaix Laboratories are the single most awesome pieces of footwear I have ever seen. You can walk your triceratops feet around today’s concrete jungles, just like the real thing did ages ago. Maybe do a bit of Jurassic Parkour. Need to kick someone in the groin? These are the shoes to do it with. Ouch!


They’re a Kickstarter project that you should help fund immediately. A pledge $88 gets a pair of any children’s size, and $99 gets you any adult size up to a men’s 13. They have a Velcro closure too, because humans are lazier than dinosaurs.

Get them before they go extinct.

[via Geekologie]