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If Cereals Had Action Figures

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Written by Paul Strauss | August 19, 2014

Back when I was a kid, the prizes in cereal boxes used to be pretty great, but then some stupid kids had to go swallow their toys and ruin it for everyone. The lawyers intervened, and such began the demise of cereal box toys, and the rise of idiotic crap like online redemption codes. If they still put toys in cereal boxes, I’d hope that they’d look something like these.


Artist Phil Postma of Minion Factory created these awesome mock collectible figures for a series called Cereal Critters. Not only do they look great, but each one comes packaged on a cereal box blister pack.

Phil gets serious bonus points for including Yummy Mummy, though I wish he had done a Fruit Brute one too. That was my favorite. That and Quisp. And Quangaroos. What ever happened to orange-flavored cereal?

If Kellogg’s, Post and General Mills can’t be bothered to put toys back in their cereal boxes, the least they could do is let us mail in box tops for these toys. While we wait patiently for that to happen, stop by Phil’s website to check out the rest of his awesome Cereal Critters.