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Leatherdos: The Hair Clip Multi-Tool


Written by Paul Strauss | August 19, 2014

From a distance, this might look like an everyday metal hair clip, but it’s actually seven tools (in addition to being a hair clip).


The Leatherdos hair clip offers three different sizes of flat head screwdrivers, a ruler, a 5/16″ wrench, a serrated cutting edge, and a “trolley coin” – which is supposed to unlock those coin-operated shopping carts. And if the photo is┬áto believed, you can also use them as incense burners.


You can order the Leatherdos hair clip from Monkey Business for just $9(USD). It’s sold out until mid-September, so if you’ve got an orange you need to peel before then, you’ll have to use your fingers

[via Gizmodo via Laughing Squid]