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The Capsule Has Electronic Fish that Don’t Die

 |  |  |  August 19, 2014

I’m not sure why, but my daughter has a thing for fish. The problem with fish is that I am the person who has to clean the tank and remember to feed them. The next time Sparkles the goldfish kicks the bucket, I plan to replace him with The Capsule.


The Capsule is an aquarium that is a sealed system needing no maintenance and uses robotic fish. You don’t have to clean up their poopy, messy water or feed them. They get the power they need to operate indefinitely from a wireless power mechanism inside the tank’s base.

The coolest part about the fish is that they connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. That connectivity allows the fish to change colors based on notifications from your phone. You can also change the colors on a whim from a smartphone app. The app will also let you play games with the fish and feed them virtual fish food. That is way more interactivity than your typical goldfish gives you.

Pricing for The Capsule and its inhabitants is unannounced and it is expected to launch in May of 2015.