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Tom Hanks Creates Hanx Writer, a Typewriter Simulator App

 |  |  |  August 22, 2014

Everyone knows Tom Hanks. He is one of the most prolific and talented actors of our time. You’ve seen him in dozens of movies and TV shows. He is one of those guys that is instantly likable. You may not have known that he is also into typewriters. Really into them.


That’s why he headed the development of the Hanx Writer. It’s a typewriter simulation app for your iPad, allowing you to type on your tablet and feel all old timey, as if you were typing on a real typewriter. And while it won’t speed up your on-screen typing, it does work with Bluetooth keyboards as well.

The app has several available models of typewriters so you can switch between them. Maybe you have a favorite or want to take them all for a spin and see what feels right. Documents created using the app can be shared through email, or printed. Thanks Tom Hanks.

You can download Hanx Writer here if you want to experience it for yourself. The app is free and comes with one typewriter. Additional typewriters and features can be enabled as in-app paid downloads.

[via Laughing Squid via OhGizmo!]