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Cat Keyboard Scratcher: Rhythmemes and Blues

 |  |  |  |  |  August 24, 2014

You’ve seen the Keyboard Cat meme. Now it’s time for your own feline friend to take center stage by being your resident keyboard cat with this Cat Keyboard Scratcher. As the name implies, it’s a cardboard scratcher for your cat that’s designed to look like a keyboard.

Cat Keyboard Scratcher

Not only will it save your furniture, bed post, couch, and whatnot from being scratched to shreds, it will also make your cat the coolest feline on the block. Put together a tophat, bring out your own keyboard, and start jamming!

Cat Keyboard Scratcher1

The Cat Keyboard Scratcher is available from Perpetual Kid for $11.99. You can also get it direct from GamaGo here.