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Wesley Crusher Dice Bag: Not Standard Starfleet Issue

 |  |  |  |  August 24, 2014

This Wesley Crusher dice bag represents what I would have liked to see happen to him on the show. Meaning that some alien should have carved him up and stuffed him into his own non-regulation shirt. I know, I’m sorry. Nothing against Wil Wheaton. He was just such a stupid character.

Wesley Crusher Dice Bag

On the plus side, a Wesley Crusher dice bag must be pretty sweet. If it works anything like Wesley did on the show, any dice in this bag should magically get you out of trouble at the very last minute. Then again, you’ll probably have to hear a bunch of whining about schoolwork and how everybody checks your mom out because she is so smoking hot.

Shut up bag. Just get me out of sticky situations then go back to some science experiment.

It’s yours for just $25(USD) from KnerdyLittleKnits.

[via Sogeekchic via Fashionably Geek]