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Doctor Loo: This TARDIS is a Bathroom

 |  |  |  August 28, 2014

This TARDIS toilet installed by Warmley Waiting Room is an awesome lavatory. Take a magazine with you, just in case you expect to face a real Trial of a Time Lord. True fans will get that one. How did a Police box that is really a time machine, that is really a bathroom, end up by a cafe? Read on.

tardis loo
The Bristol, UK cafe purchased a replica TARDIS because… it’s mandatory. If you get the opportunity, you buy one. So then they figured why not make it into something cool. So obviously they made it into a bathroom. Why wouldn’t you?

The inside has Victorian decor, and the light on the top is rigged to a motion sensor so that you know when it is in use. They even have a doorbell installed in the cafe that makes the whooshing TARDIS noise. The noise goes off when people are getting their photo taken with the TARDIS. Not when it flushes, which I think is a real missed opportunity. If you are in the area, stop inside, take a moment to regenerate… sit down and drop off some companions.

Best bathroom ever.

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