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Giant Walking Dragon Invades France

 |  |  |  September 2, 2014

Art collective La Machine is known for huge, mechanical art installations that walk around and interact with people. They’ve made elephantscamels, and giant spiders among other things. Their latest piece may be the best. This is a giant dragon walking around in France. And nobody seems to mind.


This dragon walks around, moves it’s tongue and even breathes fire as it rides around on the back of a modified tractor-trailer. The project is titled Long Ma Jing Shen, which means “The spirit of the horse dragon”. That explains why it looks like half horse, half dragon. Oh, and did I happen to mention it breathes fire?


The crowd loves this thing. It has so many details and so many small moving parts that it all adds up to quite an incredible experience. These guys and gals and are damn good at what they do.

[via Super Punch via Neatorama]