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Volatile Flavoring Kits Add Different Food Scents: Smell the Rainbow

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Written by Lambert Varias | September 5, 2014

We process flavors not just with our mouth but with our nose as well. That’s why food can taste bland if you have a stuffy nose. Molecule-R claims to take advantage of this with its Volatile Flavoring Kits, which comes with different food scents. The idea is to enhance the flavor of your food or even to add one that’s not actually in what you’re eating.


Molecule-R’s Aromaspoon and Aromafork are nothing special; they’re just spoons and forks with a receptacle near their bowl or prongs. The receptacle is meant to hold a tiny pill-shaped diffuser. The difference is in what you put in the diffuser: the aromas.


The kit comes with 21 different aromas, including chocolate, mint and black pepper.


Mmmm bonfire flavor.

Breathe in the scent of your browser and head to Molecule-R’s online store to get the Aromatic R-evolution Volatile Flavoring Kit for $59 (USD). Aside from the aromas, it also comes with four Aromaforks, 50 diffusers and four droppers. You have to buy a separate kit to get the Aromaspoon though.