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Proton Streams from Ghostbusters Recreated Using Light Painting Techniques

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Written by Conner Flynn | September 10, 2014

If you are a Ghostbusters fan, you have to check out the video below and check out the effects. Shanks FX, a web series by Joey Shanks, recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters by recreating the proton streams of positively charged ions using flash lights and light painting techniques.

ghostbusters light

I’m not sure what the proton stream effects cost when they created them for the original movie, but it is amazing to see what can be done today with a minimal budget, and without CGI. As you can see here, Joey gets some absolutely stunning effects using light painting techniques along with an assortment of flashlights, LEDs and some fishing line.

It is fascinating to watch him create all of these effects in camera. Now I really want Joey to make the next Ghostbusters movie.

ghostbusters light1