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The Masterplan: A Heist Planning Game Set to Funky ’70s Music

 |  |  |  |  September 16, 2014

We’ve all sat around a room with some friends talking about how we “really think we could pull of a heist.” In reality, most of us probably couldn’t. It’s not that we’re not smart enough, it’s that we’d want it to be more badass and cinematic than strictly necessary, and that adds complications. Complicated plans end with one guy who can’t get the extremely sophisticated plasma torch to work, one guy stuck in a vent, and one guy trying to get the really fancy getaway vehicle out of valet mode. Rather than becoming both a felon and an entry in a Cracked article about idiot criminals, I might suggest playing this game.


The Masterplan is a top down, 2D game on Steam Early Access that revolves around putting together a team of unsavory criminals and robbing things in a fashionably dramatic way. It’s all the fun of the fantasy, without any of the boring truths or awful felony convictions of the reality. Players have to manage equipment and personnel while keeping a watchful eye on all of the NPCs who can’t wait to escape and call the police, thus ending your career in an unfortunate manner.

It costs $14.99(USD), and right now that just offers you some basic goons, three missions, and the ability to report bugs (YAY!), but the final release will have a lot more gameplay, individual skills and advancement for your goons, and multiplayer, if all goes according to plan. I think that multiplayer sounds like the perfect way to end the beer-fueled evening that my first paragraph alluded to.