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Doctor Who TARDIS Stroller: Younger on the Inside

 |  |  |  September 24, 2014

Doctor Who fans with small drooling humans need a stroller like this to push their offspring around in. I mean, you and your young companion have to travel in style, right?

tardis stroller

This TARDIS stroller is not bigger on the inside, but it is likely wetter after a long stroll. This awesome baby buggy was made by Twitter user Vanja Vinter. It looks great.

tardis stroller1

And here I thought that the Doctor’s companions couldn’t get any younger. I guess they can, because this is literally robbing the cradle. You’ve gone too far this time Doctor. Small children do not want to hang out with you and it really makes you look… a bit creepy. Might as well hang out the TARDIS door and offer kids candy. Hey, isn’t that how you got Rose to come along?

[via Cheezburger via Nerd Approved]