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Chemist’s Spice Rack is Perfect for Mad Scientist Cooks

 |  |  |  September 26, 2014

Being from Texas, I learned the art of steak seasoning and grilling at an early age. I also identified a big flaw in the method my dad used to season steak. Namely he would simply pour all sorts of liquids and spices on the steak and flop it on the grill. The problem was that if it sucked, he didn’t remember what he used and if it was awesome tasting, he couldn’t replicate the recipe. Precision is your friend when grilling.


If you like to be precise, or at least look like you are precise, the Chemist’s Spice Rack is the ticket. It has flasks and tubes for spices and looks like you are about to go scientific on dinner.


There are nine spice test tubes and a load of stickers with scientific-y looking labels for stuff you might want to put in them. Along with those nine test tubes, you also get three small Erlenmeyer flasks for holding salt, pepper, and sugar. One large Erlenmeyer flask is included to hold oil, and a rack is included to hold the works.


The entire cooks chemist set will set you back $49.99 (USD).