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Dragon Tides: Because The World Needed A Bruce Lee Board Game

 |  |  |  October 11, 2014

For me, the theme is a big part of what attracts me to a board game. Yes, I love good mechanics and I’ll gladly play Carcassone all day long, but building a cluster of tiny cities surrounded by roads that go nowhere and inaccessible churches does take me out of the game a bit. What if I’d rather beat up a bunch of goons with my one inch punch, all from the comfort of my kitchen table?


That’s why I want to play Dragon Tides, the officially licensed Bruce Lee board game. It ticks all of my boxes: strategic combat, an exciting setting, cool miniatures, and co-op games are always fun. Players will play as Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee, Viktoria Jovovich, or Luke Elba and mow their way through hordes of goons, take on bosses, and make decisions that will have an effect on future games against even more dangerous bosses as your team unravels a dangerous plot.

Dragon Tides is on Kickstarter right now, where a pledge of $45 or more will get you the core game. If you are willing to drop $2,500 on a board game, you can be one of the evil bosses that players all over the world will be trying to take down.