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The Sun is a Giant Jack-o-Lantern

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Written by Shane McGlaun | October 16, 2014

If you ever want to see some cool pictures of stuff in space, NASA and its massive photo archives should be the first place you stop. NASA has pictures of just about anything you can imagine. One of the coolest images I have seen yet from the space agency comes in the form of this image of the Sun.


NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory snapped an image on October 8 that shows the Sun in full jack-o-lantern mode. You can clearly see two evil eyes, a nose, a mouth, and even some ears on the side of the sun.

“Active regions on the sun combined to look something like a solar jack-o’-lantern’s face,” said Joe Witte of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

“The active regions in this image appear brighter because those are areas that emit more light and energy,” explained Witte. “This image blends together two sets of extreme ultraviolet wavelengths.”

You can grab the full hi-res version of the image here.

[via CNN]