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Dunkin’ Buddy Dunks Your Cookies with Ease

 |  October 21, 2014

Dunking your cookies in milk is not as easy as it should be. Sometimes your cookie will get too soft and fall apart, with most of your cookie falling to the bottom of the milk. Sometimes your cookie just doesn’t get soggy fast enough while you are holding it. Well, this clever invention will solve your cookie dunking woes.


The Dunkin’ Buddy is like an elevator for your cookie. You no longer have to hold it in your fingers while letting it soak up the milk. It is basically a magnetic tray and handle. The tray holds the cookies inside the glass, while the handle moves the tray up and down from the outside.

This could simplify all our lives. Just lower your cookie down and raise it up. No mess. No mounds of cookie debris on the bottom of your glass. Just delicious soggy cookies going up and down as God intended.

The genius people behind this product are working on manufacturing it, though after their crowdfunding efforts failed, I’m not sure if or when it will make it to market.

[via Incredible Things]