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TARDIS Pumpkin: It’s Squishier on the Inside

 |  |  |  October 21, 2014

Normally when you carve a pumpkin you put the design on the outside, but when making a pumpkin TARDIS all rules fly out the front doors. Naturally a TARDIS, being bigger on the inside, should be carved on the inside. DeviantArt user EmpressofSquee created this masterpiece showing off the TARDIS interior complete with its time- and space- controlling console.

tardis pumpkin
This pumpkin beats all other Doctor Who pumpkins. And you know it looked pretty awesome when she added a glow stick for lighting. I love the supports and the roundels all over the walls. The only thing missing are some Doctor Who figures.

Sadly, time is the enemy of this TARDIS. It won’t take long before it starts to decay. But maybe the Doctor has a plan!

[via Cheezburger via That’s Nerdalicious]