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Start ‘Em Young: New Born Fame Lets Your Baby Take Selfies

 |  |  |  October 26, 2014

One of modern society’s favorite pastimes/worst afflictions is the need to push infants into weird activities. “You baby can get a 98th percentile SAT score after this four week fun training program!” and other claims make me want to facepalm. As a part of my degree, I took an education class called “Developmental Theory and Application” and the whole course can basically be summed up with one thought: just because a child can do something doesn’t mean it’s developmentally appropriate. Even if your baby does somehow get that awesome SAT score, she has probably missed out on some other important milestone, like object permanence.


While this isn’t half as bad as many of the “educational” products marketed to delusional tiger-moms, it still strikes me as a bit off: New Born Fame is a set of infant toys that allow your baby to take selfies and upload them to social media. Yup, there’s a selfie ball that the baby accidentally takes pictures of itself with, and then the photos are uploaded to a Facebook page that the baby is strictly responsible for updating.


The creator says that it’s a reaction to all the parents out there that make and update social media pages for their young, and that this allows the children to manage their online presences themselves, but it’s clearly an ironic joke. Is it really managing if the kid doesn’t know what she’s doing?

[via The Creators Project]