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Sushi Socks: No Right Way to Eat These

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Written by Lambert Varias | November 13, 2014

As with many other aspects of their life, the Japanese have rules and traditions regarding gift wrapping. With that in mind, Sushi Socks serve as a fun peek into Japanese culture, beyond just their resemblance to the iconic food. As you can see, Sushi Socks are woven and then folded by hand to resemble sushi when packaged.


Here’s the interesting – and slightly disappointing – bit about these socks. Once you unfold them you’ll never be able to tuck them back to their food-like form. Unless you’re Japanese, in which case you’ll have to train with your master at the end of the first season, and then obliterate your enemies with your sock-rolling skills at the start of season 2. Then it’s time to test your skills against your rival, who is also your best friend, though you’re willing to kill each other in order to become the best sock roller in the world. But not before a trip to the hot springs so you can hang out with your other sock roller friends, who are also talented, but not as good as you are.






Accept the fleeting beauty of Sushi Socks to receive your final skill – Linkjutsu. Clear your mind and strike true. The Fowndry has what you seek. Let go of your fears and $9 (USD) to get a pair.