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Prynt Case Turns Your Phone Into a Polaroid-esque Camera

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Written by Stirling Matheson | November 18, 2014

Once upon a time, when I was a wee laddie dressed up as something a bit edgy and slightly disturbing for Halloween, because my mom loves that crap, I’d stop by a particular house every year with my friends. At this house, a little old lady would be visibly disturbed by my costume choice, and then take a photo my my group with her Polaroid camera and give the result to us, in addition to the candy. It was a cool tradition, and we have a timeline of identical group photos as a result. That, and Outkast, is what I think of when someone says “Polaroid.” I like Halloween and Outkast a lot, so by association I have a pretty good feeling about cameras that immediately spit out physical pictures.


Polaroid may have mostly abandoned that model in favor of making Instagram-specific devices and trendy-looking action cams, but there’s still a niche market out there for people who want instant physical objects. Enter the Prynt Case, into which a smart phone docks. When you take a photo with your phone, it then immediately offers to print out a keepsake to hand to friends, children in serial killer Santa outfits, or randoms you met at a party.

The Prynt Case will be on Kickstarter soon.

[via Prynt Case]