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Big Gears Wall Clock: Time Grinds by


Written by Shane McGlaun | November 20, 2014

Most wall clocks are really boring. They just hang there with hands clicking around to tell you time. The annoying part of most wall clocks is the second hand that ticks loudly while you try to watch your favorite show or sleep. The last time I saw a cool wall clock was back in the ’80s when I had a Lamborghini wall clock.


A cool wall clock has turned up on ThinkGeek called the Big Gears Wall Clock. Per it’s name, it has big gears – much bigger than yours are, be jealous. The battery-powered clock has no moving hands. Instead, the entire face rotates, and the hour is highlighted when it gets to the top of the contraption.



It also has no minute hands or second hands and ticks off time in 15-minute intervals. It doesn’t look like the most accurate of timepieces, but you know as well as I do that counting by fives to figure out what time it is gets old. You can get yours for $99(USD) right now.