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Black Milk’s Latest Collection Looks More Protective Than It Is

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Written by Stirling Matheson | November 20, 2014

Chainmaille looks cool and is very practical if someone is trying to slice you open with a sword. Luckily, that’s not a problem that most people face regularly face, but that leaves chainmaille as a very, very impractical material for daily wear. It’s heavy, makes loud noises when you move, and requires you to don a gambeson underneath to prevent chafing. Nobody likes chafing.


Black Milk, a company best known for making R2D2 one-piece swimsuits, is now offering a line of chainmaille-printed clothing. You can opt for one of two dresses, leggings, a skirt with suspenders, a pair of shorts, or a one-piece swimsuit. All the items are made from the same synthetic, stretch material that the company always uses, and I think it should do a very good job of protecting the wearer from (foam) swords, (Nerf brand) arrows, and (imaginary) halberds. My only problem is that I’m a dude, and none of this would be remotely attractive or acceptable on me.

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[via Black Milk]