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Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Watch Will Leave You Flummoxed

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Written by Lambert Varias | November 21, 2014

As one of its April Fools pranks this year, ThinkGeek made a mockup of a USB car charger that looks like the flux capacitor from Back to the Future. Fans loved it so much that ThinkGeek made it a real product. Now the shop has a new treat for BTTF fans. It’s a wristwatch that looks just like Doc Brown’s crowning achievement.


The officially licensed Flux Capacitor Watch displays the time in a fairly tedious way, using 12 dots of light on the watch face. When you press the watch’s bottom button, you’ll get three sets of flashes from the dots. The first one indicates the hour, the second one indicates the first digit of the minutes and the last one the second minute digit. So a 12-2-5 pattern means it’s 12:25 (it makes you wonder how it indicates zeroes). The time circuit-style LCD display at the bottom simply displays the date.

As a bonus feature, the watch has a Time Travel mode, where the dots of light will flash randomly and the LCD display will show a random date.


Ride your DMC-12 to ThinkGeek and order the Flux Capacitor Watch for $50 (USD).