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Check out This Timey Wimey Doctor Who Christmas Shirt

 |  |  |  |  November 21, 2014

Each year we all know people that break out the holiday-themed sweaters and shirts at the first hint of November. I always found that very annoying, especially when the sweaters are so ugly they would make ole St. Nick cry. What I could get behind is a nice geeky Christmas t-shirt.


Take for instance this Dashing through Time and Space shirt over at ThinkGeek. What you is a blue shirt with three reindeer hitched up to a TARDIS. I think the TARDIS is an excellent option for Santa to use. After all its much bigger on the inside, making more room for presents. In fact, Santa could bring his whole workshop with him just in case. It also makes it much easier for him to traverse large distances quickly.


I don’t think the TARDIS’ lack of aerodynamics would matter either, a sleigh isn’t exactly aeronautically designed, and Rudolph and crew have no issues with it.