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Bacon Maker: Push Button, Literally Receive Bacon

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Written by Lambert Varias | November 23, 2014

For the two people who haven’t heard of it, the Push Button, Receive Bacon meme refers to the signage on many hand dryers, where the drawing of heat emanating from the dryer looks like strips of bacon. The folks at Minnesota hackerspace The Rabbit Hole turned the meme into a real thing as one of their entries for this year’s Deconstruction maker event.


The Rabbit Hole didn’t use a hand dryer to cook bacon though. Instead they used parts from a laser printer, including the fuser, which is a tube with a lamp inside it. Originally the fuser is used to heat toner, melting it onto paper. The Rabbit Hole’s Addie dropped by Hack A Day’s comment section and said that the fuser can heat up to over 450ºF, though with the small surface area it covers it might take several passes to cook anything on it. The group even thought of adding a paper shredder to the machine to make bacon bits, but I guess that didn’t make the cut. Skip to 2:25 in the video below to see the bacon makin’ machine:

If you want to see more of the machine being made, Addie also uploaded this comprehensive video of The Rabbit Hole’s Deconstruction efforts. However, like the video above the bacon machine is featured at different spots, so you’ll have to skip through the video several times. You ready? Go to 3:00, 18:34, 29:50, 48:30, 1:16:08, 1:27:33 (there’s a brief pause here that involves tacos, but it returns to the bacon machine shortly) and finally 1:54:45:

So it was actually more of a dismantle printer, test scavenged parts, modify parts, assemble parts, test machine, make adjustments, test machine, make adjustments, test machine, make adjustments, push button, feed bacon, receive bacon.

[via Hack A Day]