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Giant Stuffed Dinosaur: Jurassic Plush

 |  |  |  December 1, 2014

I’m not so sure about getting your kids a giant stuffed dinosaur. It makes them think that dinosaurs are nice and friendly, when in reality they want to bite you and stomp you with their massive feet. If you aren’t worried about preparing them for a dino-revival, get them this overstuffed version.

stuffed dino

At least this dinosaur will be a lovable plush that your kid can cuddle with and snuggle. God help him or her if we clone some dinosaurs. Your kid will think it’s okay to go hug the things, while the beasts will think it’s okay to disembowel Junior.

stuffed dino1

The Paleo Plush measures 30.5″W x 74″D x 44″H and costs $249(USD) from The Land of Nod.

[via Super Punch via Nerd Approved]