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Game Boy HDMI Output Mod: Hdmyboy

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Written by Lambert Varias | December 2, 2014

Zane Amiralis and Joshua de Haan want you to dust off your old Game Boy and give it a much needed upgrade. Their Hdmyboy hardware mod upscales the video from the handheld gaming device into high definition, which you can then view on a modern display via an HDMI cable.


The Hdmyboy kit comes with a tri-wing screwdriver, which you’ll need to open up and modify your Game Boy. It also comes with a NES controller replica to help you play on a bigger screen. Hdmyboy lets you pick from two resolutions: 1120×1008 in scale mode or 1920×1008 in stretch mode. It also lets you change the display’s color palette.

This brief demo shows off Hdmyboy’s clean and crisp output:

The only downside to this otherwise stellar mod is that it’s quite expensive. You have to pledge at least €115 (approx. $140 (USD)) on Kickstarter to receive an Hdmyboy kit as a reward.

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