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The ZMorph 2.0.S Is the Ultimate Making Machine

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Written by Stirling Matheson | December 2, 2014

3D printers are getting cooler and cooler every day. Resolutions are quickly approaching the point where it’s possible to create very, very detailed surfaces with a minimum of aliasing. Yeah, I’m calling it “aliasing,” since that’s basically what it is and most of you geeks get the reference. What the ZMorph 2.0.S can do, however, is a lot more. That said, the 0.001mm Z-axis resolution is pretty sweet.



The base printer is €1,499 (~$1,870 USD) and with it one can purchase a number of heads. There are the expected ABS/PLA/Nylon/Woodlay/etc. extruders in 3 mm and a sexy 1.75 m; a dual-head extruder for building in two materials at once; a chocolate/cake extruder, which is both delicious and cool; a milling and engraving toolhead (AKA Dremel holder) that turns the device into a CNC machine of sorts; a ceramics extruder, for those who don’t like to get their hands dirty; a laser for precision cutting wood, paper, plastic and the like; and a 5-axis toolhead that enables the device to do precision milling, 3D scanning, or whatever other cool things people come up with.


I would kill to have a moment alone with this thing.

[via ZMorph]