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You Cat Probably Would Love Mousr: The Robot Mouse Cat Toy

 |  |  |  |  December 3, 2014

Yesterday, I highlighted an amusing product for sale on teh interwez for cats that cats would most likely despise. Today, I’m trying to make it up to my adorable 12 lbs. of murder and fur by posting about something that most cats would really, really enjoy: Mousr.


Mousr is a robot mouse cat toy made by a trio of engineering and science PhDs from the University of Illinois. What they’ve created is a robot with an amusing cat toy tail that learns your cat’s behavior, and reacts to how your cat is playing with it. Yes, rather than some stupid automated cat toy that either just annoys or frightens your cat, this is the robot mouse you and your cat have both always wanted. Humans can either let the Mousr’s brains control the action, or use a smartphone to take direct control of the toy.

Grab one on Kickstarter for $140, which is under what the retail price will be when the product launches in October of 2015. Until then, you can just watch the developers’ cats play and their mediocre rap and legit dance skills.