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McDonald’s Japan Facing Fry Shortage…NOOOOOOOOO!!

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Written by Shane McGlaun | December 16, 2014

I happen to think that one of the best fast foods on the planet is a hot, crunchy, salty, box of fries from McDonald’s. I think many people would agree they have the best fries. McDonald’s fries should be sold in giant buckets like fried chicken, me thinks. My daughter feels the same way; I’ll never forget the heartbroken look on her face when McDonald’s went to those tiny little boxes of fries in Happy Meals. She decided it was time to grow up and move to a normal burger and fries after that happened.

If you live in Japan, we have some terrible french fry news for you. Some sort of labor dispute in the U.S. means that there is a fry shortage.


You heard that right, a shortage of french fries. This may be worse than a Godzilla attack. Due to the shortage, McDonald’s Japan is only selling small size fries. Meals that normally come with medium fries are 50 yen cheaper. Give me a second while I weep for our Japanese readers.

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