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Monkey Resuscitates His Electrocuted Friend with CPR

 |  |  |  |  December 26, 2014

You should know how to perform CPR, just in case your friend mostly drowns fighting a water elemental, nearly suffocates tossing sawdust on a fire elemental, or steps on a live wire in an Indiana train station. This monkey in Kanpur, India knows how to perform something not unlike CPR, and because of that his friend is alive today.


Human EMTs aren’t allowed to bite patients, bang their heads on pipes, or drop them into bodies of water, but monkeys are also a lot less likely to press charges over the fact that an EMT gave them a concussion while saving their life. Now that people are calling this monkey “Monkey Doctor,” we can only imagine that overbearing monkey moms are pressuring their young to become monkey doctors and yes, monkey lawyers. It’s only a matter of time until life-saving monkeys face the same pitfalls that we do.

[via YouTube]