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Kid Calls 911 Due to PlayStation Network Outage

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Written by Shane McGlaun | December 31, 2014

Kids are bizarre little creatures. One of the things a parent has to do is realize that they are often completely irrational, and there is no way to rationalize with them. I have had a conversation with my son more than once about not calling me at work with an emergency when that emergency is that the Wi-Fi is down and he can’t play on Xbox Live. But DAAAAAD!!!


A kid had a similar issue during the Christmas week outage of the PlayStation Network that led him to call 911. His question was simple: “Do you know about the whole thing that’s going on with the PlayStation Network?” That may be a legitimate emergency to some kids, not so much for 911 operators.

The dispatcher tells the kid that his problem isn’t an emergency and that he should go outside or read a book. I’ve tried that answer before and it often makes the kid rather unhappy.

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