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Henes Broon F870 is a Power Wheels on Steroids

 |  |  |  January 3, 2015

As soon as my daughter had enough coordination to operate a Power Wheels car, I bought her a sweet pink Mustang. She loved that thing and drove the crap out of it. She drove the thing off curbs, into kids, cars, houses, dogs, bikes, and anything else that didn’t get out of her way. She literally drove the wheels off it… twice.


For the money spent between duct taping the bumpers back on and buying new sets of wheels I could have just sprung for this much cooler electric ride on toy out of Korea called the Henes Broon F870. The F870 has dual electric motors and can go ten mph, that is twice as fast as a Power Wheels. It’s also all-wheel drive. It’s awesome and if Tesla made electric cars for kids, this would be the result.

It has working head and taillights, a speaker system, an Android tablet in the dash, and a Bluetooth controller for parents to take over if needed. This thing even has a coil suspension. It’s not cheap at up to $1000, but one of those high-end Power Wheels cars will set you back up to $500.

[via The Verge]