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Solar Pages are Made to Clip into a Day Planner

 |  |  |  January 3, 2015

I’m a rather unorganized person, I tend to use sticky notes to remind myself of important things I need to do even though I have an iPhone on me just about all the time. Smartphones are meant to keep us organized mind you, but mostly I use mine for watching cat videos and various fail compilations on YouTube. In other words, it’s utilized as well as most people’s smartphones.


Back in the day, if you wanted to be organized you used a day planner. That meant you had to actually write stuff in it. I had a day planner back in the day… it was blank. If you have one of those old day planners lying around, a new gadget will debut at CES 2015 called Solar Pages that may make you want to use it again. The product is a pair of solar panels that clip into your day planner.

The panels promise to recharge an iPhone 6 from dead to 100% in 2.5 hours. You can get a version with a pop out Lightning charger or microUSB connector for Android devices. Pricing is unknown at this time, but more details are coming at CES 2015.

[via Gizmodo]