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Viotone M One Speaker Pipes Sound Through a Violin: String Theory

 |  |  |  |  |  January 6, 2015

With their chicken-wire like appearance, I thought that electrostatic speakers like those produced by MartinLogan were the weirdest of its kind. Until now. Behold, the Viotone M One, a speaker that pipes its sound through a violin.


The Viotone M One’s 8″ woofer and 1.5″ tweeter face upwards towards the violin up top, routing the sound through the instrument’s body and strings. Three Pascal UMAC Class D amplifiers totaling 1500W power the speaker. According to Viotone’s master craftsman Zuliang Wu, “Even to a trained musician, it will be very difficult to distinguish string music coming from the Viotone versus an actual violin being played. The sound is simply that real.”

As if that wasn’t spectacular enough, with a push of a button you can make the pedestal’s outer case open up to reveal its speaker assembly.

Viotone crafts each violin for the M One by hand using 300-year old wood. That alone takes a month to complete. Couple that with its bespoke options and you get one expensive treat for the eyes and ears. If you have $25,000 (USD) to spare and room for a huge ass block of wood with a violin on top, contact Viotone at to order the M One.