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Anti-Paparazzi Clothing Makes You Photo-Proof

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Written by Conner Flynn | January 10, 2015

You and I may not be superstars, but you may still be interested in Anti-Paparazzi, since it will protect your anonymity and privacy. The concept clothing line would use highly reflective thread to reflect light from cameras and obscure your features by overexposing the image.

The series currently consists of a blazer, scarf, and hooded jacket, but creator Chris Holmes may end up adding more types of clothing if there is a demand for it. Supposedly, it ruins any photo of you that people take regardless of what kind of camera they are using – assuming they use a flash. Check out the image below to see how it would transform Steven Spielberg into an otherworldly apparition.


It’s pretty cool how it makes people look like ghosts who just strolled in from heaven.

[via Laughing Squid via OhGizmo!]