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This Zombie Cake Is Gruesomely Delicious

 |  |  January 13, 2015

Word is that this cake was rejected by a client because it was “too gruesome”. Too gruesome? They must not have seen a movie since 1999 and I’m guessing they don’t have the internet. Compared to an average episode of The Walking Dead, this cake is tame, aside from that mouth, which looks like it has a bad case of the herp.

I guess they should have figured out what the customer had in mind first, before making the cake. Anyway, who asks for a zombie and expects to get a Disney character?

At least someone benefited from this mistake and got to eat a delicious cake. I hope they chopped the head off first, because if you eat a zombie cake any other way, you’re doing it wrong.

[via That’s Nerdalicious]