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Xbox One & PS4 Combo Laptop Case Mod: The PlayBox

 |  |  |  |  |  |  January 15, 2015

Eddie Zarick is officially the king of laptop case mods. After combining the Xbox One and Xbox 360 in one laptop conversion, Ed has managed to cram both the PS4 and the Xbox One in one unit, which is just a bit taller than his other console laptop mods.


The PlayBox uses the same Vizio 22″ LCD monitor as Ed’s other laptop mods. He swears that it doesn’t have any cooling problems despite the cramped space. Like his Xbook Duo mod the PlayBox has one power plug for both consoles, though you can’t turn them on at the same time. Both consoles retained their respective Wi-Fi, Ethernet and HDMI connections, but the Xbox One’s USB ports can only be accessed from the inside due to space constraints. Also Ed had a problem with the PS4’s power button and it ended up not working consistently. It’s not really a big deal since you can power on the PS4 using the DualShock 4.






Here’s Ed’s demo of the PlayBox:

As Ed mentioned he made this particular unit for a commission, but he’s willing to make more. As you might expect it’ll be more expensive than his other laptop case mods, which already go for at least $1,095 (USD) each.

[Ed Zarick via Kotaku]