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Catnip Caves Let the Cat out of the Bag

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Written by Shane McGlaun | January 17, 2015

I have a cat in my house and she is kind of a dick. She doesn’t want anything to do with me 99% of the time, unless she needs to be fed – then it’s all purrs and rubs. I totally know what she is doing. The other half of the time, she runs from me only to reach out and grabs my clothes when I walk by. If you get her hopped up on catnip, it’s even worse.


She goes insane and scratches on everything but the damn scratching post I paid $20 for. If you cat isn’t a dick and you like giving her treats and catnip, check this out. It’s called the Catnip Cave and it’s a paper bag. You know that cats like paper bags; they will crinkle that paper and drive you nuts, typically at 2am.

This bag isn’t normal though, it’s infused with catnip. When the cat messes with the bag, catnip scent is released. The bags are supposed to last for about six weeks – at least the catnip scent should last that long. Somehow, my cat is able to tear up hard plastic balls so I’d wager a few hours minutes and this bag would be gone. The Catnip Cave sells for $5.99(USD) for four at ThinkGeek.