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Insanely Hydrophobic Metal Makes Water Drops Bounce Right Off

 |  |  |  |  January 21, 2015

We all want gadgets that are able to survive the occasional splash or spill without shorting out and turning into useless bricks. A group of researchers at the University of Rochester have created a new metal that they have dubbed “superhydrophobic.” Hydrophobic is the name given to materials that repel water.


This new metal was made using a powerful and precise laser-patterning technique to create micro and nanoscale structures. What that fancy talk means is that the metal repels water so strongly that drops literally bounce right off and leave no dampness behind.

While the researchers aren’t talking about consumer applications just yet, I’d like to hope our smartphones will be made from this one day. I wonder if we made a boat out of this metal if it would hover above the surface.

[via Sploid]