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Apple iCloud EULA Turned into Story about Giving up Freedom: Agreeculture

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Written by Lambert Varias | January 25, 2015

The length and legalese of consumer products’ licensing documents have become running jokes of the 21st century, but the issue’s ramifications are no laughing matter. Graphic design student Florence Meunier may not have found a practical alternative to unreadable End-User Licensing Agreements (EULA), but at the very least she made a subversive reminder of the problem by crafting a short story out of the Apple iCloud EULA through editing and wit.


Florence’s class was tasked to make a user-friendly printed version of the iCloud EULA. She could have rephrased or summarized the document in simple terms, or perhaps turned it into a comic book. Instead, she printed the EULA and then added a transparent sheet over each page. The sheets blacked out parts of the text, revealing the story of The Man Who Agreed. It’s about a man who clicked “I Agree” to a licensing prompt on his computer without actually reading its contents. Sound familiar?


By clicking this link to Florence’s website, you agree to read the story of The Man Who Agreed, and agree that we will not be held liable for any damages arising from the loss of your precious time in so doing. Further, estoppel res judicata souvlaki le chasseur de buts.

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