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Popcorn Monsoon Makes Popcorn Fun Again

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Written by Conner Flynn | February 2, 2015

Do you love popcorn? Enough for a barrage of popcorn? A monsoon? The Popcorn Monsoon is all about making popcorn more fun. Forget the microwave. This is much cooler. This conceptual device by Jolene Carlier uses hot air to pop your kernels, so it is also healthier (albeit less tasty) than popping with oil.


Aside from being healthier, it’s also fun since the popped corn gets pushed up the bent plastic tube and falls into an awaiting bowl. You know that kids would especially love watching this snack get made. It may even encourage them to eat healthier snacks.

Hot air poppers have been around for ages, but this concept gives it a twisty and longer neck, which makes all of the difference. It’s funny how a small change or two can give you a whole new appliance. Sadly, it’s not a real product, despite being the coolest popcorn maker ever.

[via Gizmodo via ohgizmo]