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3D Printed Curved LEGO Blocks: Curvy Thing is Awesome

 |  |  |  |  February 6, 2015

How awesome is 2015? In less than two months we got a way to unboil eggs, a backup band in a box and now curved LEGO blocks that you can print. This cancels out the hotdog in a chicken bun.


Mechanical designer Jan Jurjen Zwaard designed the curved LEGO-compatible pieces. He actually spun off a series of designs made by fellow Thingiverse member Steve Medwin (shown below).


Speaking with 3D Print, Jan said, “I could not properly use [Medwin’s design] because I couldn’t remove the supports properly. Furthermore I missed some sizes and thought that the existing one was too solid. So I decided to recreate one in SolidWorks that would not need any supports and solve my other issues.” Jan plans to make a replica of his town’s water tower using his printed blocks.

You can download both Jan’s and Steve’s curved LEGO designs on Thingiverse.

[via 3D Print via Nerd Approved]