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KFC Serving Coffee in Edible Cups

 |  |  |  February 26, 2015

Littering is a problem all around the world and with the number of cups of coffee sold each day, I would imagine lots of litter is thrown out in the form of disposable coffee cups. KFC is testing a new coffee cup that won’t add to the litter on city streets or in landfills.


These coffee cups are edible. Once you drink your hot Joe, you eat the cup. KFC calls it the “Scoff-ee cup” and it’s made from a biscuit, wrapped in sugar paper and heat-resistant white chocolate. It looks more like an ice cream cone to me. The cup can also be given aromas like coconut “sun” cream, freshly cut grass, or wild flowers. That is really weird, why would you want something you are drinking or eating to smell like a mowed lawn?


KFC isn’t a place I would have ever thought about buying coffee. Then again, I loathe coffee and one of my culinary oddities is that I don’t eat anything off the bone. That means KFC isn’t exactly a place I frequent. Never mind the fact that the only place you can get these edible coffee cups is at select KFC locations in the UK.

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