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Grifta Modular Gamepad: Play Anywhere, Anyhow

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Written by Lambert Varias | February 27, 2015

If you thought Mad Catz’ LYNX transforming gamepad was the bees knees’, check out the Grifta. It makes the LYNX look like an SNES controller. The Grifta can be used as a normal gamepad or split into two halves. You can even use just one of its halves, paired with a mouse or a mobile device.


Out of the box, the Grifta will work with Windows and Android devices as well as the PS3. Sadly, you’ll need a third party adapter to make it work with the Xbox 360 and Xbox One as well as the PS4. That said, popular adapter makers Xim and ControllerMax have said they will support the Grifta. An iOS-compatible model is supposedly in the works as well.


The Grifta will be released with a plastic bridge that will hold the two halves together like a normal gamepad, though you’re free to keep both halves separate while you play. Later on Grifta will release a magnetic version of the bridge that makes it easier to split and connect the controller’s halves.

Its d-pad and face buttons are mechanical and can be swapped between the two halves, but I don’t think the analog sticks can be swapped with either set of buttons. The controller will also come with three different rubber grip sizes.


Inventor Paul Weatherstone says his company is also working on more accessories for the controller, including different cradles for smartphones and tablets plus a motion controller attachment designed to work with infrared sensors like the PS Eye and the Kinect.

Will the Grifta be the controller that fits all gaming systems? Probably not. It’s lack of built-in support for current gen consoles plus the odd placement of its shoulder buttons will be deal breakers for many gamers. On the other hand, it could be an affordable and versatile controller for some disabled gamers.

Pledge at least about $107 (USD) on Kickstarter to get the Grifta as a reward. You can also pledge half of that to get just the left half of the gamepad.

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