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Chinese Street Filled with Firecrackers Lit in Chain Reaction

 |  |  |  March 10, 2015

Fireworks are awesome. I used to blow up anything and everything I could using Black Cats back in the day. Spiders feared me, as did my brother. The greatest fireworks related day of my life came when a firefighter pulled up in front of my house when I was trying to blow up a plastic model car and handed me a handful of confiscated cherry bombs. All he said was “Don’t light these in your hand, and you never met me.”


Turns out they were insanely powerful and loud and absolutely obliterated that car. These Chinese folks are my sort of people, having filled their entire street with firecrackers. All of the fuses were tied together and then they lit them at the same time, resulting in an amazing chain reaction of explosions.


The cloud of smoke and sheer mess left behind are truly impressive.

[via Kotaku]