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StarCraft 2 Third Person Shooter Mod: Psionic Warfare

 |  |  |  |  |  |  March 11, 2015

StarCraft 2 players are raving about Psionic Warfare: Total Destruction, a free third-person shooter mod for Blizzard’s RTS made by YouTuber CrainyCreation and his friends. You play as Terran forces fending of Zerg attacks. It’s about to get heavy.


Psionic Warfare features four game modes, four arenas, five character classes and the Viking mech. It even has custom voice acting!

Here’s a gameplay demo:

You ready for war? Head to SC2Mapster to find the links for Psionic Warfare‘s maps. Crainy says you’ll need a beefy computer to play the mod, but didn’t specify recommended specs. But hey, it’s free, so we shouldn’t complain about a tiny oversight.

[via Reddit]