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This Briefcase Is Also a Bulletproof Shield

 |  |  |  March 14, 2015

Businessmen have it hard today. Whether you are a banker or a Wall Street whiz kid, chances are that you are not well liked. And it’s too late to give the money back since you bought that new condo and the Bentley sitting in your garage. If you want to protect your investment and your own hide, you need a briefcase that is up to the job.

The MTS Multi-Threat Shield briefcase looks like a regular laptop bag until you need to stop some bullets. Then it becomes a shield. It will protect you from gunshots, knives, and even physical attacks when unfurled into a three-foot long shield.


It weighs a rather hefty 8 lbs., but hey, no need to hit the gym when you carry this. Starting at $900(USD), it’s also not cheap, but if you’ve got the reasons to need one of these, you can probably afford one.

[via Gizmodo via OhGizmo!]